Back to Eden - Nutritional Herbs and Vitamins

Balance is what we need to stay healthy—and it's easy to lose.

In our industrialized, technological society, we can lose our internal balance for three reasons: nutritional deficiency, toxic overload, and stress. We eat the same diet year-round, often with substantial amounts of refined, processed, chemicalized foods that are devoid of life energy. We're exposed to environmental pollutants and increasing amounts of electromagnetic radiation that disturb the body's sensitive electrical energy system. We're obliged by the fast pace of life to be always on the go, with little time for repose. No wonder our balance becomes disrupted!

When this happens—when the body has nutritional deficiencies or is overloaded with toxins or is under stress—it begins to break down. If even one system begins to break down, other systems have to take up the slack. Then they, too, become stressed from overwork and begin to break down. This is how health problems arise.

The body was created with the ability to heal, but it needs the right elements to do so. Herbs are concentrated whole foods that have the ability to fill in our nutritional deficiencies, help us expel toxins, and restore our internal balance. This allows the body to rebuild tissue and revitalize failing functions. Herbs have affinities for particular organs and systems. They can affect both an organ’s structure, tightening or relaxing tissue, and its function, stimulating or slowing down metabolic processes.

Herbs from reputable companies are grown in better-quality soil, without chemicals. They contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and trace elements that we need to maintain health and often cannot obtain even in the best of diets. Because herbs are foods, the body assimilates their nutrients more readily than it does with laboratory-produced supplements.

Essential oils and flower remedies are other important herbal resources, particularly for emotional stress.