Back to Eden - Nutritional Herbs and Vitamins

The following are useful herbs to have around the house for common minor health problems. Capitalized names refer to Nature's Sunshine products.

Drugs were originally all made from herbs, but drugs have developed into synthesized compounds that lack the balance of ingredients and life energy in herbs.




Burdock, sarsaparilla, or chickweed (blood purifiers), tea tree oil

Analgesic (headaches)

APS ll, Homeopathic “Pain” extract, tei fu oil, Stress Relief, Combination Eight ATC, Ginger


Stress-J, Nutricalm, hops, Homeopathic Distress, passion flower

Anti-candida, anti-fungal

Black walnut, pau d’arco, acidophilus


Yucca, wild yam


Papaya Mint tablets, Catnip-Fennel extract, Anti-Gas (AG-X), Gall Bladder Formula (BJG-X), Stomach Comfort

Antibiotic (natural)

Lymph Gland Cleanse (IGS), Lymph Gland Cleanse-HY (HIGS), mullein (swollen glands and lymph nodes), Echinecea-Goldenseal Extract, (viruses, bacteria, flu)

Antihistamine (natural)

ALJ (sinus and lung congestion) or SN-X (now called Sinus Support)


Capsicum (cayenne)

Breath freshener

Peppermint oil, liquid chlorophyll

Burn remedies

Aloe vera gel, tea tree oil, lavender oil


Cascara, LBS, LBX, Intestinal Soothe and Build, psyllium

Diarrhea, stomach flu

Slippery elm, red raspberry, HCP mullein


CBG Extract, Homeopathic Earache


Elderberry Combination, Chewable Elderberry, red raspberry, chamomile, and catnip as teas

Food allergy reactions

FOUR (herbal antihistamine), blood purifiers (burdock, chickweed and sarsaparilla, etc.), Vitamin C, Calcium Magnesium (Herbal CA)


White oak bark, Vitamin E


Herbal Sleep (HVP), Combination Eight (Stress Relief), Herbal CA, lobelia extract, passion flower, catnip, chamomile

Menstrual cramps

Wild yam (10 days before onset). Strengthens and cleans liver, raises progesterone levels, which helps hold calcium.  Peppermint (tea), Gall Bladder Formula (BLG-X), Herbal CA, Hops, Homeopathic “Pain” extract

Respiratory congestion

Tei fu oil, lobelia extract, marshmallow, fenugreek

Sciatic pain

Gall Bladder Formula (BLG-X) or KB-C

Sore throats

Slippery elm, cayenne pepper, CBG

Teeth and gums

White oak bark

Urinary infections

JP-X, acidophilus, marshmallow