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Vitamin C and L-Lysine: Critical Factors in Good Health

by Elisa Adams

Dr. Matthias Rath, long-time partner of Dr. Linus Pauling, identifies the need for optimal levels of vitamin C and L-Lysine as a critical factor in everything from keeping the skin from wrinkling to being free from cancer.

The trouble with vitamin C is that we humans are one of the very few mammals who cannot make it for ourselves. Every other mammal converts lactic acidthe byproduct of exerciseinto vitamin C, by two enzyme conversions in the liver. We and the guinea pig, other primates, and a fruit-eating bat are the only mammals lacking the proper enzymes for this efficient conversion process; we require large amounts of raw fruits and vegetables to keep our levels optimal. (One other natural source of vitamin C is the raw adrenal gland of deer, bison, elk and other animalsthe source of C for Inuit and Lakota Indians and other peoples that were primarily meat-eating.)

The discovery of vitamin C made its headlines decades ago, but it required further research by Jay Patrick and others to discover that the liver does not send plain vitamin C into the blood stream; it sends C ascorbates, molecules of vitamin C buffered with a variety of minerals. NSP’s buffered C is gentle on the tummy and pH-neutral in the bloodstream, and may be taken in quantities large enough to protect our cells from viral invaders such as rhino-viruses (the common cold).

People with weak adrenals lack the ability to store adequate amounts of C in their bodies. Since C is required for the maintenance of collagen, a lack of C results in a breakdown of connective tissue in the body, which may become evident in various structural weaknesses like back problems and facial wrinkles.

What role does L-Lysine play? Lysine is an EAA, an essential amino acid, which means that, like vitamin C, we cannot make it ourselves; it must appear in our diets. An essential ingredient in collagen, it prevents the invasion of our cells by everything from metastasizing cancers to viruses wishing to find a home! L-Lysine is to our cells what bricks were to the third little pig, when he wanted to build a house that could not be blown down by a big bad wolf!it is a strong protection against aggressive anticellular forces.

Rath writes in his book, Cancer, “The optimal production of collagen is the pre-condition for the control of aggressive diseases. . . . Arterial wall cells, essential for good heart health, have to produce enough collagen molecules to maintain the arterial wall strong and elastic.” He points out, “collagen molecules, which twist around each other like a twilled rope, cannot obtain the optimal structure . . . without the presence of vitamin C.” Our structural system is maintained by "bridges" between these strands of "rope," like a rope bridge across a deep gorge or chasm. These bridges are formed by the atoms in the water we drink: oxygen and hydrogen, OH groups, which anchor the lysine and proline amino acids into the matrix of the collagen. “This hydroxylation process is catalyzed by vitamin C,” Rath points out. (Cancer, pp. 5860)

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