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Peace of Mind with Avian Flu on the Horizon
by Elisa Adams

It's difficult to pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV news without hearing someone mention the specter of a coming flu epidemic. Thankfully, we have wise ways of being prepared and enjoying peace of mind.

Have you thought lately of VS-C, the amazing anti-viral formula that came to Nature’s Sunshine in the 1980s? Back in the days when the AIDS/HIV virus was grabbing all the headlines, a doctor in China felt pity for the smitten Americans and developed an herbal formula to counteract the HIV virus. 

He contacted a drug lab in Ohio to conduct the double-blind studies and publish the results, and he made arrangements to teach classes in Chinese herbal medicine at a local university while the studies were ongoing.

The herbal formula had dramatic results when given to AIDS patients. Pneumonia cleared up, lesions went away, patients gained weight and regained their energy, and most returned to full-time employment while on their VS-C regimen. 

Unfortunately, however, the lab was unable to make a chemically derived version of Dr. Wenwei Xie’s herbal formula, so they politely thanked him and said they could not use it.

Fortunately, one of my friends, an NSP manager, was a student in Dr. Xie’s lecture hall. At the end of the semester, as the professor was bidding his students goodbye, he shared the final results of the endeavor. 

My friend approached him after class and said she was affiliated with Nature’s Sunshine herbs and that she was pretty sure Nature’s Sunshine would be interested in his formula. 

She called NSP, and she and Dr. Xie were invited to fly out to the plant in Spanish Fork, Utah. Dr. Xie was very impressed with NSP's pharmaceutical standards and gave us his anti-viral formula, which became VS-C, before he flew back to China.

Several months later, a friend referred his sister to me. In confidence, she revealed that her partner had just been diagnosed with HIV, and she had likewise tested positive for the life-threatening disease. I encouraged her to stay on VS-C and sent her home reassured. For ten years she took it faithfully. 

Then, in one of those quirks directed by the divine, her brother was involved in an MIT project using herbs from India to eliminate the HIV virus. I broke confidence to tell Michael about his sister, he got her into the MIT program, and now she is HIV-free, remarried and fine!

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