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Victory over HPV Virus
by Elisa Adams

For many women, the most significant part of our annual physical is our yearly PAP smear. It’s not comfortable, it’s not fun, but if the test is negative, it provides a year’s peace of mind that cervical cancer will not interfere with our quality of life — at least for the next twelve months. It’s the longest-running cancer screening done in America.

Since the papilloma virus, the usual cause of cervical cancer, is common and sexually transmissible, the only women free of concern are virgins and women who were virgins when they married virgins. 

For those who don’t fall into one of those two categories, the first report of cervical dysplasia can certainly be a spooky and unsettling experience, akin to having a positive reading on a mammogram.

For J.T., this was the case. Having been in a monogamous marriage for almost twenty years, with clear PAP smears every year, she certainly had not seen it coming! The doctor’s report that abnormal cells had been found in her cervix startled her: “low-grade squamous intra-epithelial lesions (LSL), with very mild to mild dysplasia” is how the report read. 

Having used herbs and natural supplements for a variety of conditions over the years, she decided to see if she could clear up the cells naturally. Her doctor said she would give the situation three months, then check again, giving J.T. the window of time she needed to take aggressive action against the dysplasia.

She found the book What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About HPV and Abnormal Pap Smears, by Joel Palesky, M.D., online, bought it, and read it. Later, curling up with her copy of Prescription for Nutrition, by James Balch, M.D., J.T. looked up cervical cancer in the index — and found the list of helpful supplements for her condition a bit overwhelming. 

At the same time, she received a sense of hopefulness that if she tried at least some of these supplements, success might be obtained. In hopes of streamlining her program, the next thing she did was book an appointment at Back to Eden.

The backbone of her initial program was a twelve-day cleanse, restricting her diet to only foods that she could juice, along with water, tea, and vegetable soup. In other words, no bananas, no avocados, no grains, seeds, nuts, beans, meats, fish, eggs, or dairy — just lots of fresh watery fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, the first nutritional line of defense. 

In herbalist John Christopher’s mucusless diet, he recommends three juices — grape, apple, and carrot — each having specific healing properties. Without a juicer, J.T. decided to skip the carrot juice, and since she doesn’t much like grape juice, she selected apple juice to be her juice of choice for the next twelve days. She bought two gallons of organic apple juice and set about drinking a cupful, warm or cold, about every three waking hours.

She loves fresh, garden-grown tomatoes, and August was the perfect month for those. There were also lots of organic salads, corn on the cob, an apple a day, and lots of celery sticks. 

To her surprise, she wasn’t particularly hungry, and the chronic fatigue that had plagued her for over twenty years went away. Her chronic devastating headaches diminished, and her “brain fog” disappeared as well. The shocking news seemed to have turned into a blessing, as she would never have chosen to do a twelve-day fruit-and-vegetable fast otherwise.

Her supplement regimen included the LBS II she had used for years, along with other Nature’s Sunshine products: Liver Cleanse Formula, Kidney Activator, Astragalus — a wonderful immune-supporting herb, safe for people with auto-immune diseases — and MSM, which has specific anti-cancer properties. Not a terribly heavy program, all things considered.

A few days into the program, J.T. attended a muscle-testing workshop held at the Natural Market in Groton and reported feeling “wonderful!” During a scan of products in the store, her energy field was drawn to NSP Alfalfa. We muscle-tested out amounts — two, twice a day — and added it to her program.

Later, doing a bit of research on her own, she found that alfalfa was also useful for raising pH and fighting cervical (and other) cancers. She was excited that her body had picked out such a useful herb all on its own.

Finally the twelve days passed, and J.T. began adding some foods from her old diet back into her daily life. Surprise! She reports, “The first time I ate an English muffin, I got so ill, I had to go lie down! Pasta did the same thing to me. I never considered wheat as the cause of my chronic conditions.

"Before, whenever I ate, I would have to go lie down, like somebody pulled the plug. Miraculously, during my twelve-day cleanse, it all went away — the exhaustion, the brain fog, all of it! Now I do rice and corn, potatoes and yams. I haven’t given up carbs. As long as I don’t touch wheat, my exhaustion is completely gone — and it hasn’t come back.”

That alone would have been a happy ending to J.T.’s story — but it’s not the end. After three months, wheat-free and on her herbal regimen, she returned to her OB/GYN for her follow-up testing. The doctor, in turn, was shocked by the initial report — the HPV viral testing (a new test) found no traces of the virus. Viruses may go dormant, but they're not supposed to go away. 

Needless to say, J.T. was thrilled! They both waited with bated breath for the PAP smear test results — the check on the cells themselves — to come in. It, too, was clean! And with no virus left behind, there seems to be no reason for concern regarding her dysplasia’s return.

Where did the virus go? God only knows, but as the Good Book says, faith without works is dead. J.T. had the faith that a good program could help, and she did the work to carry out her faith. 

Now she has better health than ever, with the bone-deep knowledge of how amazing the combined results of faith, muscle-testing, an organic diet, and Nature’s Sunshine herbs can be!

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